Ghost of Christmas Past

Christmas wreath with vintage carolers 12" resin just ready to hang

While spending a chilly evening talking to my beloved, it became apparent that some of his family ornaments, which were handed down through generations, were somehow lost or discarded.   Upon his urging, the subject matter of this particular blog is about  much cherished ornaments  that have been lost in time.

We can all recall the many whimsical ornaments that adorned our childhood Christmas trees.  Some were homemade, some were gifts, and like many of our holiday traditions, were handed down through generations.   As children and even as young adults, we took them for granted until one day, there were gone.   It  happens to all of us at some point..our parents age, remarry, downsize, and eventually die.  Such items are often overlooked, discarded, sold, or given away without thought.

Well..good news!  Antique malls exist and carry many of the items that each generation has lost though time.   Everything old is truly new again!  I know, Millennials have no interest in vintage items, but perhaps one day, when they have a bit of their own patina, they will each embark on his/her own journey of rediscovery.

At Holliday’s Vintage Emporium, we have a myriad of vintage ornaments,  ghosts of Christmas past, simply awaiting  a chance to be cherished by a family and part of a new tradition.  Come, see us at Coonpath Road Antique Mall !

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