Warm Winter Days

As the days darken a bit more quickly and the weather begins to turn cold, one may wonder just why the title of this blog entry is related to the warmth of winter days.   I  do not know about you, but I love to be cozy!  Wrapped up in a vintage quilt, sipping tea, in a wing chair is THE place to be on a cold winter day.

At Holliday’s Vintage Emporium, we have a whole inventory of things designed to bring warmth and comfort on cold winter days!   We have vintage quilts, German teddy bears, bed warmers, fine tea pots, and a gorgeous silver plated tea set!

I often imagine the tea set, prominently placed upon the coffee table during book club night or even a girls night in.  How fun would it be to have a slumber party with the girls and use this elegant tea set?  It adds a bit of panache to your table and makes a simple gathering of dear friends seem even more special.

Imagine a movie night…drinking mulled cider from vintage gold rimmed glasses, eating popcorn from a vintage pottery bowl, and snuggling up together in a warm comfy quilt.  Hang vintage pictures upon the wall, light candles and use vintage candle holders for a bit of extra cozy.

We also have some amazing Mid Century Modern pieces that are just waiting to sit upon a fall table filled with cookies, treats, and assorted vegetables, crackers, and fruits.  While we offer all of the items to make your next get together or night in something special,  it is those whom you share it with that are truly the treasures in your life.  Share a cozy evening with those near and dear!

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