Adding Vintage Art to Your Space


I am not sure how I managed to retain my love of art when I grew up in an age in which women went to home decor parties and bought several pieces of kitsch, plastic candle holders and generic art that was designed to match the muted tones of one’s living room.  However,  I was blessed to be a child in the 1970’s.  That, I believe, was my only saving grace.  An era in which the norm was not to be the norm.  Isn’t that simply fantastic?  Thank you 1970’s!

Now, when I look at art, I love bold colors, interesting shapes, texture, movement, and simply a wow factor.  I love to see traditional art used in nontraditional ways.   If one has a clean, contemporary space, its fun to put a super classical art piece in the middle of it to give it an unsuspected point of interest.

Vintage art has vintage charm and if you can score some pieces or prints of signed work, all the better.  Vintage signed lithographs,  oil on canvas paintings, watercolors, and textile art give depth to a room.

If one is on a budget, visit your local antique mall and buy yourself a piece or two of art.  Even if you purchase one every month or two, by the end of the year, you will have an amazing budding art collection for a mere fraction of the cost.  Those found in antique malls are of varying styles and periods and are simply more fun to browse in that you never know what you will find.  You just may end up with a valuable original.  However, if its a print that captures your fancy…buy it!  Art should be enjoyed!


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