Coonpath Antique Mall

I know, I have said it more than a few times.  We are simply smitten with the Coonpath Road Antique Mall!  Not only as vendors, but as customers also.  The prices are great, the staff is friendly, and its an amazing place to meet new and interesting people who share an interest in antiques.

Part of our own personal agenda, as vendors, is to not only source quality pieces, but also to learn the stories of each particular one.  We strive to know where they came from and what stories may be attached to them.  Its not only a passion for antiques, but also a passion for history itself.

Today, I  began to set up another bookshelf of antiques and I met some very interesting people during my afternoon.  People collect so many different things and its always fun to hear what it is that they collect and how they began their collections…its wonderful to share a moment with people who really love vintage items.  You can see the excitement in their eyes as they share their passions with you.  One gentleman, was ga ga over vintage shaving items…another woman was looking for a vintage screen…another vintage auto and Harley…and the list goes on….

What do you collect?  What began your interest?