Ghost of Christmas Past

Christmas wreath with vintage carolers 12" resin just ready to hang

While spending a chilly evening talking to my beloved, it became apparent that some of his family ornaments, which were handed down through generations, were somehow lost or discarded.   Upon his urging, the subject matter of this particular blog is about  much cherished ornaments  that have been lost in time.

We can all recall the many whimsical ornaments that adorned our childhood Christmas trees.  Some were homemade, some were gifts, and like many of our holiday traditions, were handed down through generations.   As children and even as young adults, we took them for granted until one day, there were gone.   It  happens to all of us at some point..our parents age, remarry, downsize, and eventually die.  Such items are often overlooked, discarded, sold, or given away without thought.

Well..good news!  Antique malls exist and carry many of the items that each generation has lost though time.   Everything old is truly new again!  I know, Millennials have no interest in vintage items, but perhaps one day, when they have a bit of their own patina, they will each embark on his/her own journey of rediscovery.

At Holliday’s Vintage Emporium, we have a myriad of vintage ornaments,  ghosts of Christmas past, simply awaiting  a chance to be cherished by a family and part of a new tradition.  Come, see us at Coonpath Road Antique Mall !

A Day of Historic Significance

Tomorrow,  11 Nov. 2018, is not simply an ordinary day like any other given Sunday.  It is special in that it is a day in which we honor our own…the men and women who have enlisted in the Armed Forces to protect our freedom.   If that isn’t awe inspiring enough, it is also the day in which we are celebrating the Armistice or the end of World War One.

While some may or may not disagree with the current administration, isn’t it grand that we have a choice to voice such opinions?  It is our truest form of democracy and we owe it all to the brave ones who laid down their lives so that we, as Americans, have such a privilege.  I hope that we can all agree that our country is the best in the world thanks to our amazing Armed Forces.  Thank you, Veterans..May we honor your memory by preserving our freedom and our American way of life.  For those of you who still walk among us,  THANK YOU for your service and for putting your country first.  We can all learn a thing or two from you.

veterans day


Decanters on the Thanksgiving Table

One of my favorite magazines, Town and Country, feautred an article regarding the addition of decanters to the holiday table.   Of course, in true Town and Country fashion, the featured decanters were a bit on the pricey side, but really added an air of sophistication to the table.

I adore the taste of wine, but not so much that I have it sitting around in decanters.  I maybe have a glass once or twice per year…if that.  So, with that in mind, I decided to think about other ways in which decanters can be used and displayed in one’s home.

  1. On the table..not only for wine, but as a beautiful vase.  Some decanters are just too pretty to be kept in cabinets the entire year through and should be enjoyed throughout the year.  Decanters are made to display and highlight their contents..why not use them as vases?
  2. Utilize as lighting fixture.  I am a fan of using traditional things in nontraditional ways and nothing is more chic than a beautiful, cut glass or crystal lighting fixture.  Imagine them over a vanity or over a bar.  Lovely!
  3. Display mouthwashes in them.  Why not carry over a little pretty into the bathroom?
  4. Neatly place a crystal decanter and drinking glass on your nightstand.  Now, you do not have to get out of bed for thirst in the middle of the night.  It also looks very pretty.  You can also do this to welcome guests into your home.  They will think you thoughtful for adding such a personal touch.
  5. If you fancy yourself a bit of a gourmond, you could also create and store infused oils in them.  You can also store other kitchen bulk items in them if you wish.  Its a matter of personal preferences.
  6.  Fill them with deliciously fragrant soaps and place in your guest bathroom.  Fold some pretty towels to lay beside them on a sterling tray in the bathroom.  What a fabulous welcome for guests or even if you wish to indulge yourself.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate a bit of elegance into your home using decanters and with so many beautiful decanters at Hollidays Vintage Emporium, you can afford to splurge on a few vintage decanters.  We are priced very reasonable and far less than what it costs to purchase new ones.

We hope that you have enjoyed our blog and hope that you will share with us the ways in which you use traditional objects in nontraditional ways.




Warm Winter Days

As the days darken a bit more quickly and the weather begins to turn cold, one may wonder just why the title of this blog entry is related to the warmth of winter days.   I  do not know about you, but I love to be cozy!  Wrapped up in a vintage quilt, sipping tea, in a wing chair is THE place to be on a cold winter day.

At Holliday’s Vintage Emporium, we have a whole inventory of things designed to bring warmth and comfort on cold winter days!   We have vintage quilts, German teddy bears, bed warmers, fine tea pots, and a gorgeous silver plated tea set!

I often imagine the tea set, prominently placed upon the coffee table during book club night or even a girls night in.  How fun would it be to have a slumber party with the girls and use this elegant tea set?  It adds a bit of panache to your table and makes a simple gathering of dear friends seem even more special.

Imagine a movie night…drinking mulled cider from vintage gold rimmed glasses, eating popcorn from a vintage pottery bowl, and snuggling up together in a warm comfy quilt.  Hang vintage pictures upon the wall, light candles and use vintage candle holders for a bit of extra cozy.

We also have some amazing Mid Century Modern pieces that are just waiting to sit upon a fall table filled with cookies, treats, and assorted vegetables, crackers, and fruits.  While we offer all of the items to make your next get together or night in something special,  it is those whom you share it with that are truly the treasures in your life.  Share a cozy evening with those near and dear!

Adding Vintage Art to Your Space


I am not sure how I managed to retain my love of art when I grew up in an age in which women went to home decor parties and bought several pieces of kitsch, plastic candle holders and generic art that was designed to match the muted tones of one’s living room.  However,  I was blessed to be a child in the 1970’s.  That, I believe, was my only saving grace.  An era in which the norm was not to be the norm.  Isn’t that simply fantastic?  Thank you 1970’s!

Now, when I look at art, I love bold colors, interesting shapes, texture, movement, and simply a wow factor.  I love to see traditional art used in nontraditional ways.   If one has a clean, contemporary space, its fun to put a super classical art piece in the middle of it to give it an unsuspected point of interest.

Vintage art has vintage charm and if you can score some pieces or prints of signed work, all the better.  Vintage signed lithographs,  oil on canvas paintings, watercolors, and textile art give depth to a room.

If one is on a budget, visit your local antique mall and buy yourself a piece or two of art.  Even if you purchase one every month or two, by the end of the year, you will have an amazing budding art collection for a mere fraction of the cost.  Those found in antique malls are of varying styles and periods and are simply more fun to browse in that you never know what you will find.  You just may end up with a valuable original.  However, if its a print that captures your fancy…buy it!  Art should be enjoyed!


Inside a Retro Kitchen

Currently, there is a whole trend based on retro, Mid Century Modern designs and it has spread into the kitchen.  Why not?  Is there not a more interesting place to display retro appliances, furniture, and decor?   We think not!

Of course, while it is our business to sell retro items, we are also collectors and enthusiasts.  At our age, we lived among many Mid Century Modern objects and think that it is fantastic that twenty and thirty somethings  are flocking to buy them due to the campy, kitschy vibe that they bring into a room.

If you cannot afford to revamp your entire kitchen due to budget constraints or if you are simply being practical, here are a few items that you may wish to purchase to add a bit of panache into your space.

  1. Vintage Breadbox – these come in many designs, shapes, and colors and can easily be a focal point in your retro kitchen.  They range in price, but twenty-five dollars is the most that I have seen them while sourcing items for our business.  We have one in stock!  It is copper and has a groovy 1960’s vibe.
  2. Vintage Utensils – Can be purchased through us and we have a myriad of interesting items.  Most range from the 1930’s – 70’s.  Some of the coolest are vintage canning items.  They come in all sorts of shapes and add interest if displayed
  3. Retro appliances  If you do not want to spend money on the whole shebang,   retro mixmasters, hand mixers, meat grinders, can openers, and other small appliances add a pop to an otherwise empty space and go a long way on creating the right atmosphere.  Furthermore, these items are practical, made well, and are built to last.
  4. Retro Linens – If you cannot afford vintage curtains, look for vintage inspired fabric designs at your local fabric store and make your own!  Also, retro table cloths, vintage aprons, etc. add a special inherited ambiance to your room and can be found relatively inexpensive as far as decor items.
  5. Lighting Fixtures – This is where it gets fun!  You can easily make your own and get a lot of mileage out of them.  I have seen people use old butter churns to make lamps and they are really neat conversation pieces and are simply charming.

These are just a few suggestions for updating your vintage kitchen.  If you have a vintage kitchen that you wish to share, please send it to us  along with your own original ideas as others could benefit from them.  Until next time…

Invisible Air Waves

Today, is an amazingly beautiful crisp, autumn day as the leaves are vibrant shades of orange and yellow.  While a few which remain with more neutral hues of green and yellow,  we know that it is only a matter of time that they two will gone on to go on to be a part of the ever-changing ecosystem as it is truly the time of year when Mother Nature puts on a show, a folly for all to experience from the  gentle sounds of the wind blowing the already strewn veritable carpet of foliage that has already neatly landed upon the earth to the musty scent of their own metamorphic journey as they return to the land from which they sprung.

While one could go on forever describing the magical splendor of autumn, it is time to be a bit more specific and inform  the gentle readers of this blog that the true subject matter is not about the natural splendor of fall, but the radio.  You may be thinking…what do the two have in common?  Well, I will tell you…It was on such an autumn day,  10 Nov. 1900, in which famed Italian tinkerer extraordinaire,  Marconi , first patented the radio in the United States.  To be accurate and give credit where credit is due, Marconi actually patented the invention on the work of genius, Nikola Tesla, who used a ocilialtor to transmit sound waves over the English channel.  Tesla field for a patent in 1897 and it was granted in 1900.  However, it was Marconi, who field the patent in the United States, that is actually known for the invention and won a Nobel Prize.  Once again,  history has ignored the true genuis of Tesla.  Tsk..tsk..

Image result for Marconi

Tesla and Marconi

The radio, unlike its originator, has indeed stood the test of time and is internationally known.  It is one of the few inventions that has not become totally obsolete since its inception at the turn of the last century.  Many of the first radios which were constructed for home use were in fact pieces of furniture.  They were constructed with quality wood and were the focal point of many living rooms.  They were THE entertainment of their day and not only provided the family with news, FDR’s fireside chats, but with entertaining programs like Fibber and Molly, The Shadow, Lone Ranger, Amos and Andy, etc.   Programing that not only entered homes, but stimulated the imaginations of its listeners. How many other technological advances can you say that have done that?


Radios and their construction have evolved over the years to reflect the signs of the times.  Wooden beauties that enhanced a seating areas,  bakelite designs that mirrored cockpits of war like plains during the age of WWII, Mid Century Modern radios that looked as if at any time, they were ready to be projected into outer space, and so on.

Recently, we have begun acquiring a number of vintage radios to sell and hope that the public will not only admire them, but take these historic time capsules into their home to be enjoyed once again.  Radios are amazing and we hope that if you have a vintage radio that you will cherish it and keep it for your own special traditions.  Nothing else in the world sounds like a vintage radio and they are so very much fun to listen to.  It’s a chance to bring an age-old family tradition back into mainstream America.  With rich programming like Prairie Home Companion, etc. Why not indulge in a bir of family time and stir the imagination?  Come, buy a vintage radio and make new memories.



Coonpath Antique Mall

I know, I have said it more than a few times.  We are simply smitten with the Coonpath Road Antique Mall!  Not only as vendors, but as customers also.  The prices are great, the staff is friendly, and its an amazing place to meet new and interesting people who share an interest in antiques.

Part of our own personal agenda, as vendors, is to not only source quality pieces, but also to learn the stories of each particular one.  We strive to know where they came from and what stories may be attached to them.  Its not only a passion for antiques, but also a passion for history itself.

Today, I  began to set up another bookshelf of antiques and I met some very interesting people during my afternoon.  People collect so many different things and its always fun to hear what it is that they collect and how they began their collections…its wonderful to share a moment with people who really love vintage items.  You can see the excitement in their eyes as they share their passions with you.  One gentleman, was ga ga over vintage shaving items…another woman was looking for a vintage screen…another vintage auto and Harley…and the list goes on….

What do you collect?  What began your interest?