The Artful Shopper?


Art is one of the best things in life.  It does not have to be pretty nor does it have to be expensive to invoke feelings.  It certainly does not have to match one’s sofa and it can be either literal or abstract.  It can be sophisticated, avant-garde, or even kitsch.  For the purpose of this blog, I will borrow an idea from the great artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, who said that art was simply filling a space in a beautiful way.

We can certainly apply that concept to many parts of our lives, but we will simply adapt it for decor.  We all want our home interiors to reflect who we are as people and the best way to achieve that is to simply surround ourselves with the things we love.  It can be anything!  If you ventured into my home, you would see art, books, antiques, and hear a bit of early jazz.  My home is not a is simply cozy and I am quite happy among the many books and art!

At Holliday’s Vintage Emporium, we have many interesting pieces of art in all price ranges.  There are beautiful, vibrant florals, landscapes, drawings, and historic etchings. We hope that you will visit us at the Coonpath Antique Mall and take home some beautiful, original works of art.  We have many!

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