Add A Little Cookie Cutter Holiday Charm To Your Home!

One of my main mantras is that one should be able to use a piece at least three different ways in order to always keep one’s home fresh, different, and interesting!

Today, we are going to talk about an old holiday favorite…cookie cutters!   Whenever I think of the holidays,  the sweet nostalgia of old cookie cutters always enters my conscious.  They invoke beautiful memories of the holidays past, they are still fun to use, they are inexpensive and can be purchsed just about anywhere.

In my family, we are Italian.  We have many holiday tradions and most involve food!  One of the ways that I like to decorate for the holidays,  is to use cookie cutters!  I know, it sounds odd, but they are simply beautiful!  For example, you can place some sheet music inside with scrapboard glue ( easily removed and can be used again) or you can carefully tuck inside grandmother’s own special recipe that the family has enjoyed for years and put it in or on a stocking or as part of a present for a younger person.  It is a neat way to see that family tradions live on..Who knows?  Maybe a future generation will receive your gift one day!  Another use for cookie cutters is decor.  I said it, decorate with cookie cutters.  I saw this on another web site, but I have adopted it to my own traditions.  Italians decorate a “ceppo.”  Ceppos are three shelved trees that have tiny presents, greenery, fruits, nuts, and maybe a nativity scene.  I like to make mine each year from items gathered in the woods.  Some people have ready made that they pop up.  I like to always do mine differently and have made it my own little tradition.  I like to put old recipes in each cookie cutter and give them to friends, but I also like to hang the cookie cutters and sheet music on the fireplace mantle.   How cute are these?

You can also wrap your holiday napkins up, tie them with a pretty ribbon, and use cookie cutters as place cards that guests can take with them AND OR put a family recipe in it.  Put different recipes in each one and as the family has their meal, it will be a happy topic of awakward will be.remember when nana made this or that…

You can still decorate with cookie cutters and not give them away by adding them to a ceppo, hanging with stockings on the fireplace, or hanging on a kitchen themed Christmas tree ( yes, I do that).   The most important thing to do with them is to have fun.  They are meant to be charming, whimsical objects and not taken to seriously.  Enjoy!

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