Its rainy..Its Cold..Lets go to the antique mall!

Today is a particularly icky day outside.  Its damp, cold, overcast, and just plain dreary.  On such days, aside from a nice hot cup of tea and a book, its always fun to go and visit the local antique mall and find that one piece of treasure that you have been looking for.  It may be a piece of pottery, a retro clock, some linens,  or a chair with beautiful bones that you could easily redo to make your home all the more charming.   It’s also a great place to look for bargains.

Trips to the antique mall are always interesting in that one never knows what they are going to find quietly tucked away in each niche awaiting discovery.  It is within the confines of those niches, that we reconnect with those special and unique objects that are part of our own story or inspire us to begin a new chapter or a new family traditon!

One pieces of advice I like offer people is that if you are on the fence about making a purchse, try  to envision the object used in three or more different ways.  For example, an old chest or trunk may not only be used for storage, but think of clever ways to display it.  One way is to purchase a piece of plexiglass and place it atop the of the chest.  It is easier to move about than glass and less expensive.  Then, place old photos, letters, sheet music, or postcards atop the trunk to add interest.  You can easily change them out and change your look.  You can use the trunk for a side table, a coffee table, or sat ajar in a corner to display an inner collection.  You can also use the trunk to display a cozy arrangement of pillows, blankets, or quilts to be used on cooler days.  They do not have to be expensive to be charming and inviting.   The great thing about old chests and trunks are that they do not have to be pretty.  In fact, I prefer one that has character as they add interest to a room than something that looks pristine and perfect.  We have some in our space in which the handles had been replaced with old ropes and have writing on the side.  To me, those tell a rich story and have their own charm.  BUT  you can also add a vintage linen atop and place other items on top.  If you are putting it in a child’s room, you could easily add linen and place a tea set or dolls on top.

Old dressers are the same.  If you have a beautiful wooden dresser, but do not want to refinish the top, add a piece of granite, marble, or even laminate to the top and use it for other purposes.  I have seen them placed on landings on staircases and they are lovely.  Place a lamp, a linen, and add an old have an instant cozy spot! If granite is not in the budget, you can also do the plexiglass trick or even buy an old porcelain top at a garage sale and make it instant country!

If you unsure what you are looking for,  look for something that speaks to you and let your imagination do the rest.  We love coming up with innovative ways to use things.  If you have such an item and are unsure how to use it, send us a comment or a picture and we will gladly help!
















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