Inexpensive Ideas

Everyone who knows me,  I mean..really knows me, knows that I have a love of stopping the car and retrieving things on the side of the road that someone else has thrown out and giving it new life.  I cannot tell you how often that I have redone chairs, tables, etc.  Here are just a few ideas for your finds..they could be on sale at an antique mall (already cleaned..yes!!) or even on the side of the road.   It matters not where you find them.

Currently, I have an old chair that came to us on a pick and well..the legs are chewed up and it looks pretty darn janky.  My remove front legs all together and saw off  the rear legs just past the bar that holds the chair together.  Now, I have a foundation for a super cute shelf to hang on the wall and a rack to hang things.  You can cut off a portion of the seat if you wish to make your shelf more narrow or you can leave it..So cute in the bath with towels and a tray with soaps and lotions on the top.  Chippy paint, a nice linen, and viola..a cool retro piece that didn’t break the bank.

We have some inexpensive decanters in our booth at the mall.  They have beautiful lines and glass stoppers.  My idea for these five dollar beauties..Buy it, and after a good wash, place mouthwash in it and put it on a little tray on your sink.  You can use those along with some old, inexpensive silver plate to display soaps, bubble baths, bath salts (for the tub!) and even perfumes.

Have an old silver pate tray that is just..well beyond cleaning?  You can find these at yard sales and just about anywhere.  You can even find dollar versions at the dollar tree.  Paint them and hang them in a collection.  They look interesting and add a bit of character to your wall if done in a flat paint and roughed up a bit with sand paper to add character and to bring out any detail.  Dollar tree trays can also be added to the painted collection.  I also think that large old silver plate trays can be painted around the perimeter with chalk paint and use chalk board paint in the middle..viola..instant message board.  Cute, chic, and inexpensive.

Another use for wooden trays is to modge podge pretty themed paper onto them or even fabric and place them in your spare bedroom for guests.  You can add an interesting book, some stationary, etc.  If you have old family letters that may be of interest to your guest or even photos of you and the guest from “back in the day,”  make copies and tie with a ribbon and place atop your tray.  It’s a nice way to share quiet memories with a dear one and also will provide for some “remember when”  breakfast conversation.  These trays can also be done in a masculine theme.  Add some vintage maps, some leather straps to the side and you have a good looking tray.  Roll up a newspaper, tie it in a small leather band, etc.  Channel your inner Ralph Lauren and the possibilites are endless.

In addition, they can be placed in the guest bathroom with a basket of rolled towels and wash cloths. Add  some soaps in mix match silver plate, and you guessed it..decanter full of mouth wash.  You can also use a crystal shot glass for the mouth wash.  Place it clean, upside down on the tray to ready it for your guest.  Add new toiletries that your guest may have forgotten and make sure they are new and just for them.  Its a nice welcome into your home.

Those are just a few ideas.  What are your ideas for new uses?

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