Tales From an Antique Booth

When we began our sweet little adventure, we started with one booth in a Columbus area antique mall.  Initially, it seemed like a never ending job, but now within a month of being in business, we have expanded into three booths and two shelving units.  All but one, are at the Coonpath Road Antique Mall in Carroll, Ohio.  Don’t you just love that name?

Initially, our first booth, at the Heritage Square Antique Mall looked like this:41256298_966736860201134_9102308114350211072_n

It still does, but we have learned that our price point just is not where it needed to be for the demographic. NOW..we have changed things up a bit.  It is still nice, but with more affordable items and it seems to be starting to generate a bit more revenue..cross your fingers!

Now, we have two more booths in addition to that one..all within a month and its been so very much work, but it has also been a lot of fun.  These booths are closer to home and the high end items seem to sell a bit better.  We are definitely an antiques oriented area and I have to admit..for me, it has become a labor of love.  I adore these dear old things and the stories associated with each piece.  I have learned a lot about the past, a lot about people in general, and even a bit about myself in the journey.

So, if you are an antique vendor, where are you and what sells best in your area?  I am but a humble newbie learning one piece at at time..

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