Mid Century Modern Is On Trend

It is foretasted that the hottest new antique ( yes, I said new antique in a sentence) trend for 2018/19 is everything and anything Mid Century Modern. We just acquired an amazing club chair.  It is everything that a Mid Century Modern chair should be..tufted, synthetic, metal tipped legs,etc.  Its a gorgeous piece of furniture and would make an amazing addition to any chic living area with a trunk table,  a hodgepodge of interesting art books,  and of course, Mid Century Modern art glass.

We also have an absolutely gorgeous set of Stetson, hand painted china.  It too is Mid Century Modern, but its graceful hand painted floral motif makes it truly quaint.  This set of beautifully preserved china was created in 1955 and is complete and flawless.  Imagine it in your china cabinet!

Image result for stetson china 1955

While such things are considered desirable at this point in time, it really comes down to what your own personal taste is.  It is okay to mix and match pieces as long as you enjoy them.   People should collect the things that they enjoy and their home will always be a cozy reflection of their own personality and be a place of comfort.

Do you remember the metal magazine racks that were once popular?  Everything old is chic again!  We also have one of those, which in my own opinion would look smart holding books, a colorful throw, or perhaps even I daresay …magazines?

We also have a beautiful old quilt, a Gund Teddy Bear, a bed warmer, old crocks, vintage aprons and more to come at our booth at the Coonpath Road Antique Mall!  We hope that you will visit and see all of our Mid Century Modern pieces as well as many other antiques and glassware.



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