Tomorrow, Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the big day!  Coonpath Road Antique Mall or Bust!  Woot, woot! We have spent the better portion of the evening obtaining some commercial retail display units to help to display our wares.  Of course, they are heavy and large, but will be worth it once we see them in the booth.   Well..that is the story that I am telling.  A sore back today…a great space tomorrow, yes?

Perhaps, the best part of this endeavor, aside from learning many new things and appreciating the amount of hard work that goes into a retail space, is meeting all of the fascinating and wonderful people along the way.  Antique people are truly the best people ever as they not only appreciate the past,  but also love the stories that go with each piece.  At least, that is what is important to us.  We love the stories behind each and every item that we sell and we enjoy passing them on to whoever purchases our items.  Just ask us..we will tell you!




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