Cherished Memories in Still Life

Have you ever sat down and really looked at an old photo and felt completely mesmerized by not the only subject matter, but by all of the curious objects contained within the background?  If so, you are not alone!  Much can be learned about the past by simply taking a few minutes to look at old photos.  Maybe..that is why they are so very popular and tend to sell as soon as the are put on the shelves at antique malls.

If you have a much beloved photo and are unsure as to the date in which it was taken, examine the background for clues.  Is there an old car?  What are the people wearing?  Are they smiling or have a stone expression?  What sort of hairstyles and clothing styles are they wearing?  These are definite clues that can help you to date your photo.

For example, this photo, taken in front of an old firehouse was probably taken in the mid 1920’s based on the bobbed hairstyles of the women and their attire. Its just the “bees Knees” to borrow an expression from the time.  As to where the fire station is, I am not sure. It is probably within rural Fairfield County..

Old photographs are simply still life time capsules.  So, the next time that you see one in an antique shop, buy it, take it home and spend a bit of time milling about the background.  Its a chance to closely examine a different age and its more than entertaining. Do you have a favorite old photo?



Add A Little Cookie Cutter Holiday Charm To Your Home!

One of my main mantras is that one should be able to use a piece at least three different ways in order to always keep one’s home fresh, different, and interesting!

Today, we are going to talk about an old holiday favorite…cookie cutters!   Whenever I think of the holidays,  the sweet nostalgia of old cookie cutters always enters my conscious.  They invoke beautiful memories of the holidays past, they are still fun to use, they are inexpensive and can be purchsed just about anywhere.

In my family, we are Italian.  We have many holiday tradions and most involve food!  One of the ways that I like to decorate for the holidays,  is to use cookie cutters!  I know, it sounds odd, but they are simply beautiful!  For example, you can place some sheet music inside with scrapboard glue ( easily removed and can be used again) or you can carefully tuck inside grandmother’s own special recipe that the family has enjoyed for years and put it in or on a stocking or as part of a present for a younger person.  It is a neat way to see that family tradions live on..Who knows?  Maybe a future generation will receive your gift one day!  Another use for cookie cutters is decor.  I said it, decorate with cookie cutters.  I saw this on another web site, but I have adopted it to my own traditions.  Italians decorate a “ceppo.”  Ceppos are three shelved trees that have tiny presents, greenery, fruits, nuts, and maybe a nativity scene.  I like to make mine each year from items gathered in the woods.  Some people have ready made that they pop up.  I like to always do mine differently and have made it my own little tradition.  I like to put old recipes in each cookie cutter and give them to friends, but I also like to hang the cookie cutters and sheet music on the fireplace mantle.   How cute are these?

You can also wrap your holiday napkins up, tie them with a pretty ribbon, and use cookie cutters as place cards that guests can take with them AND OR put a family recipe in it.  Put different recipes in each one and as the family has their meal, it will be a happy topic of awakward will be.remember when nana made this or that…

You can still decorate with cookie cutters and not give them away by adding them to a ceppo, hanging with stockings on the fireplace, or hanging on a kitchen themed Christmas tree ( yes, I do that).   The most important thing to do with them is to have fun.  They are meant to be charming, whimsical objects and not taken to seriously.  Enjoy!

The Artful Shopper?


Art is one of the best things in life.  It does not have to be pretty nor does it have to be expensive to invoke feelings.  It certainly does not have to match one’s sofa and it can be either literal or abstract.  It can be sophisticated, avant-garde, or even kitsch.  For the purpose of this blog, I will borrow an idea from the great artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, who said that art was simply filling a space in a beautiful way.

We can certainly apply that concept to many parts of our lives, but we will simply adapt it for decor.  We all want our home interiors to reflect who we are as people and the best way to achieve that is to simply surround ourselves with the things we love.  It can be anything!  If you ventured into my home, you would see art, books, antiques, and hear a bit of early jazz.  My home is not a is simply cozy and I am quite happy among the many books and art!

At Holliday’s Vintage Emporium, we have many interesting pieces of art in all price ranges.  There are beautiful, vibrant florals, landscapes, drawings, and historic etchings. We hope that you will visit us at the Coonpath Antique Mall and take home some beautiful, original works of art.  We have many!

Inexpensive Ideas

Everyone who knows me,  I mean..really knows me, knows that I have a love of stopping the car and retrieving things on the side of the road that someone else has thrown out and giving it new life.  I cannot tell you how often that I have redone chairs, tables, etc.  Here are just a few ideas for your finds..they could be on sale at an antique mall (already cleaned..yes!!) or even on the side of the road.   It matters not where you find them.

Currently, I have an old chair that came to us on a pick and well..the legs are chewed up and it looks pretty darn janky.  My remove front legs all together and saw off  the rear legs just past the bar that holds the chair together.  Now, I have a foundation for a super cute shelf to hang on the wall and a rack to hang things.  You can cut off a portion of the seat if you wish to make your shelf more narrow or you can leave it..So cute in the bath with towels and a tray with soaps and lotions on the top.  Chippy paint, a nice linen, and viola..a cool retro piece that didn’t break the bank.

We have some inexpensive decanters in our booth at the mall.  They have beautiful lines and glass stoppers.  My idea for these five dollar beauties..Buy it, and after a good wash, place mouthwash in it and put it on a little tray on your sink.  You can use those along with some old, inexpensive silver plate to display soaps, bubble baths, bath salts (for the tub!) and even perfumes.

Have an old silver pate tray that is just..well beyond cleaning?  You can find these at yard sales and just about anywhere.  You can even find dollar versions at the dollar tree.  Paint them and hang them in a collection.  They look interesting and add a bit of character to your wall if done in a flat paint and roughed up a bit with sand paper to add character and to bring out any detail.  Dollar tree trays can also be added to the painted collection.  I also think that large old silver plate trays can be painted around the perimeter with chalk paint and use chalk board paint in the middle..viola..instant message board.  Cute, chic, and inexpensive.

Another use for wooden trays is to modge podge pretty themed paper onto them or even fabric and place them in your spare bedroom for guests.  You can add an interesting book, some stationary, etc.  If you have old family letters that may be of interest to your guest or even photos of you and the guest from “back in the day,”  make copies and tie with a ribbon and place atop your tray.  It’s a nice way to share quiet memories with a dear one and also will provide for some “remember when”  breakfast conversation.  These trays can also be done in a masculine theme.  Add some vintage maps, some leather straps to the side and you have a good looking tray.  Roll up a newspaper, tie it in a small leather band, etc.  Channel your inner Ralph Lauren and the possibilites are endless.

In addition, they can be placed in the guest bathroom with a basket of rolled towels and wash cloths. Add  some soaps in mix match silver plate, and you guessed it..decanter full of mouth wash.  You can also use a crystal shot glass for the mouth wash.  Place it clean, upside down on the tray to ready it for your guest.  Add new toiletries that your guest may have forgotten and make sure they are new and just for them.  Its a nice welcome into your home.

Those are just a few ideas.  What are your ideas for new uses?

Its rainy..Its Cold..Lets go to the antique mall!

Today is a particularly icky day outside.  Its damp, cold, overcast, and just plain dreary.  On such days, aside from a nice hot cup of tea and a book, its always fun to go and visit the local antique mall and find that one piece of treasure that you have been looking for.  It may be a piece of pottery, a retro clock, some linens,  or a chair with beautiful bones that you could easily redo to make your home all the more charming.   It’s also a great place to look for bargains.

Trips to the antique mall are always interesting in that one never knows what they are going to find quietly tucked away in each niche awaiting discovery.  It is within the confines of those niches, that we reconnect with those special and unique objects that are part of our own story or inspire us to begin a new chapter or a new family traditon!

One pieces of advice I like offer people is that if you are on the fence about making a purchse, try  to envision the object used in three or more different ways.  For example, an old chest or trunk may not only be used for storage, but think of clever ways to display it.  One way is to purchase a piece of plexiglass and place it atop the of the chest.  It is easier to move about than glass and less expensive.  Then, place old photos, letters, sheet music, or postcards atop the trunk to add interest.  You can easily change them out and change your look.  You can use the trunk for a side table, a coffee table, or sat ajar in a corner to display an inner collection.  You can also use the trunk to display a cozy arrangement of pillows, blankets, or quilts to be used on cooler days.  They do not have to be expensive to be charming and inviting.   The great thing about old chests and trunks are that they do not have to be pretty.  In fact, I prefer one that has character as they add interest to a room than something that looks pristine and perfect.  We have some in our space in which the handles had been replaced with old ropes and have writing on the side.  To me, those tell a rich story and have their own charm.  BUT  you can also add a vintage linen atop and place other items on top.  If you are putting it in a child’s room, you could easily add linen and place a tea set or dolls on top.

Old dressers are the same.  If you have a beautiful wooden dresser, but do not want to refinish the top, add a piece of granite, marble, or even laminate to the top and use it for other purposes.  I have seen them placed on landings on staircases and they are lovely.  Place a lamp, a linen, and add an old have an instant cozy spot! If granite is not in the budget, you can also do the plexiglass trick or even buy an old porcelain top at a garage sale and make it instant country!

If you unsure what you are looking for,  look for something that speaks to you and let your imagination do the rest.  We love coming up with innovative ways to use things.  If you have such an item and are unsure how to use it, send us a comment or a picture and we will gladly help!
















Style, Trends, What Does It Mean For You?

In my last couple of posts,  I wrote about the current popular of all things Mid Century Modern.  While it is currently on trend and you may like it, my advice is to not go all Mid Century Modern or when the trend changes, you will be left with an entire home full of things that you bought simply because they were popular at the time.  That is, unless you perceive it as your own personal style and want to live with it for years to come.

I think, and this is just my own humble opinion, that it is best to simply purchase things because you enjoy them and you will always find comfort within your home.  Its nice to have a few pieces of varying styles as long as you like them and for me, an eclectic mix is far more interesting than simply one style.  Having a variety of different styled pieces which compliment one another is not only practical, but it is more chic.  If you live in an industrial loft, warm it up with a few vintage quilts, some candles, and some pops of color here and there..Find you own balance.

For example,  I found this photo on the website, The Spruce, which is a great place to look for inspiration.  In this particular room, they have blended antique, with retro, with vintage and married it all together for one classic look.  Its a room that people would want to spend time in and decorated so well with different pieces that could easily be changed up to create a fresh look without breaking the bank.  While it may or may not be your own style, it should serve as an example of how we should go about shopping for antiques and decor items for our home.  Image result for atomic clock industrial furnishings quilt retro items mixed

Why Is Mid Century Modern Popular?

I have wondered why in the world anyone would like it…As a fifty something adult, I grew up surrounded with this style and thought it ugly and old…BUT now it pulls at my heartstrings and conjures feelings of nostalgia.  It takes me back to a time when life was much simpler and I associate it with the stories of my grandparents and of my own youth.

Whether you like it or not, society has decided that the lines, shapes, colors, textures, and forms are simply artistic and this retro atomic style is not going anywhere soon.  The parents of boomers brought it in and they are leaving it behind for the rest of the world at affordable rates so it is quite practical and easy to find.  Also, with the popularity of IKEA and other MCM affordable knockoffs, it is reinvented with the colors and fabrics of today.  There are no reasons to sit on an itchy MCM couch of yesteryear.

It is forecasted  by designers that it is the IT style for 201-2020 and possibly beyond.  So, channel your inner Jetson and get on board..

If you are interested in some hip accessories, please visit our booth at Coonpath Antique Mall, Vendor 620!  We are located in Carroll, Ohio and carry an eclectic mix of items.  They are interesting, attractive, and affordable.

Koselig, Hygge, or Simply Cozy

The Scandinavian word for cozy is koselig, but the word “hygge” encompasses more than simply wrapping up in a favorite quilt or lighting a few is far more intimate.  It is an overall feeling of warmth and togetherness and tranquility.  Hygge..for me, please.

When we think of Mid Century Modern decor, we think of kidney shaped tables, atomic shapes, fab colors, and just friendly pieces.  Initially, I will admit it..I grew up with a lot of the Mid Century Modern pieces in my home and I thought they were super ugly, but after revisiting them, I have to say..I kind of like it now.

This Scandinavian Lamp sells for $125 dollars and is hygge as hygge can be!

Image result for mid century modern chain lamp wicker

Tales From an Antique Booth

When we began our sweet little adventure, we started with one booth in a Columbus area antique mall.  Initially, it seemed like a never ending job, but now within a month of being in business, we have expanded into three booths and two shelving units.  All but one, are at the Coonpath Road Antique Mall in Carroll, Ohio.  Don’t you just love that name?

Initially, our first booth, at the Heritage Square Antique Mall looked like this:41256298_966736860201134_9102308114350211072_n

It still does, but we have learned that our price point just is not where it needed to be for the demographic. NOW..we have changed things up a bit.  It is still nice, but with more affordable items and it seems to be starting to generate a bit more revenue..cross your fingers!

Now, we have two more booths in addition to that one..all within a month and its been so very much work, but it has also been a lot of fun.  These booths are closer to home and the high end items seem to sell a bit better.  We are definitely an antiques oriented area and I have to admit..for me, it has become a labor of love.  I adore these dear old things and the stories associated with each piece.  I have learned a lot about the past, a lot about people in general, and even a bit about myself in the journey.

So, if you are an antique vendor, where are you and what sells best in your area?  I am but a humble newbie learning one piece at at time..

Mid Century Modern Is On Trend

It is foretasted that the hottest new antique ( yes, I said new antique in a sentence) trend for 2018/19 is everything and anything Mid Century Modern. We just acquired an amazing club chair.  It is everything that a Mid Century Modern chair should be..tufted, synthetic, metal tipped legs,etc.  Its a gorgeous piece of furniture and would make an amazing addition to any chic living area with a trunk table,  a hodgepodge of interesting art books,  and of course, Mid Century Modern art glass.

We also have an absolutely gorgeous set of Stetson, hand painted china.  It too is Mid Century Modern, but its graceful hand painted floral motif makes it truly quaint.  This set of beautifully preserved china was created in 1955 and is complete and flawless.  Imagine it in your china cabinet!

Image result for stetson china 1955

While such things are considered desirable at this point in time, it really comes down to what your own personal taste is.  It is okay to mix and match pieces as long as you enjoy them.   People should collect the things that they enjoy and their home will always be a cozy reflection of their own personality and be a place of comfort.

Do you remember the metal magazine racks that were once popular?  Everything old is chic again!  We also have one of those, which in my own opinion would look smart holding books, a colorful throw, or perhaps even I daresay …magazines?

We also have a beautiful old quilt, a Gund Teddy Bear, a bed warmer, old crocks, vintage aprons and more to come at our booth at the Coonpath Road Antique Mall!  We hope that you will visit and see all of our Mid Century Modern pieces as well as many other antiques and glassware.