Approximately a week ago, our antique mall booth was stocked and open for business. Whew! It took a bit of time to gather merchandise, research it, price it, and get everything staged within our booth. Although it is a lot of work, its been a labor of love for us as we have enjoyed it immensely.  Its been great fun learning new things,  hearing new stories, and simply living our dream.

I know, people state that one will not become rich solely by having an antique booth, but in many ways, we have already accumulated a wealth of knowledge on the subject and we are always learning new things.  We have also been enriched by meeting many new and interesting people along the way.  It has been fun meeting many new people and friends along our journey.  Friends are indeed priceless.

Our booth, B5, at the Heritage Square Antique Mall is also doing well.  I suppose, it just depends on how one measures wealth, but given the new experiences and the meeting of many interesting people, we have struck it rich!


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