Channeling Julia Child

Julia Child once said, ” People who love to eat are the very best people.”  I think she is right!

If you love the look of vintage aprons, lace, and linens, shop at our booth in the Heritage Antique Mall in Columbus.  We are located in B5 and carry beautiful hand crafted items at reasonable prices!

We have an entire section of aprons that were made circa 1930-1950’s.  One can very easily picture the lady of the house..working diligently on a family dinner or perhaps even dinner for her husband’s boss.  Maybe, she has just purchased Julia Child’s Vintage cookbook and working her way through the recipes to surprise and delight those near and dear to her.

I think its the perfect time to place these items in our booth as the holidays are just around the corner.  For this Italian girl, the holidays represent traditions old and new.  If you do not have a family tradition of cooking together, start one!  In my family, the holidays are a big deal, full of lots of home cooked food, laughter, and of course..baked goods.  These traditional foodstuffs have been handed down over generations, but that does not mean that one cannot start their own tradition.  Maybe, you live alone and love to cook…get one for yourself and have a friend to dinner.  Life is too short not to enjoy it.  Put on an apron and whip up a bit of fun!

While you are at it, buy one of our beautiful old lace table cloths..just like grandmother’s!  Everything looks delicious when served on a lace table cloth..

All of our items are lovely and exhibit the fancy needlework of yesteryear.  It was a time in which women took pride in sewing and sadly, it has become a lost art.   So, channel your inner Julia Child and make something amazing or have fun trying…

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