There is something about the thrill of the hunt that sparks a bit of excitement in an antique shopper.  What will be in the next booth?  Will they have vintage linens? Advertisements?  Crocks?  Its all so very much fun to shop about for treasures of the past.  Its like going through grandma’s attic.  Well, without the chance of getting caught and scolded!

For me, if it is that one thing that I have been looking for..I want to look no more and simply make it my own.  For example, a few years ago, I found a barrister bookcase and knew I had to have it.  No comparison shopping..wrap it up.  I think that is how most of us are when we make that special connection with an item.  Sure, price is a factor, but the cost of not taking it home and possibly losing it seems like a greater loss than a few dollars.   It is truly all about the connection.

What connects us with antiques?  Many were artifacts that were familiar to us in our own past, but what about those that we connect with that were way beyond our own time?  Genetic imprint?  Maybe..Science has proved that some memories are passed down through our DNA.  When we fancy the 1920’s rocker for some obscure reason,  we now understand why.      Grandmother could have had one like it as a child and felt secure in it or perhaps we associate it with a time period of a lost relative.  Whatever the reason, we do make connections with items of yesteryear.  Is it because we live in a world of throw away object?   Regardless, it is refreshing to see something familiar, old and dear just waiting to be rediscovered.  We hope that you will visit us at Heritage Square Antique Mall.  We are now in booth 5.  Tell us, what objects do you look for and why?

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