Oh, The Irony

Yesterday, while picking a few things up for our little corner of the Heritage Antique Mall, I came upon a quaint, little classic book, “The Grapes of Wrath.”  The book was written by Steinbeck and I happened to get a nifty little first edition for our shop.  I did a bit of research …..WOW.  Abe Books is selling the same one for 800.00…HELLO  I also saw it in similar condition for 400.00 ( I am still not going to complain) for a few minutes of digging through boxes.  Either way, it was astonishing to learn that it had such value. Of course, being such a nerd…I had to giggle at the irony.   The subject of the tale is about a family who is destitute during the Great Depression and yet the book has such monetary value..  Of course, in true American style, they hop into their car and escape poverty( is it just me or is that just a tad bit odd? )

Oh well..I see that I am about to digress…Have a beautiful day and do not forget to visit Booth B5 at the end of this week.  Right now, its just some carpet and some scant furniture..WHEW this antique thing is hard work!  Who knew?

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