Creating a Space

It has been said that whenever you occupy a new space, the first thing to do is to carve out a little niche and make it your own.  The rest will follow.,,,,

In less than one week, we will occupy our brand new space at Heritage Square Antique Mall in Columbus, which is thrilling to us, but its also been quite an amount of work and it seems the more that we do, the more that needs done.  However,  we want our space to be more than just a space in which we sell antiques, we want to have a cozy space in which invites our customers feel as if they want to linger and for that a part of the scene.  Isn’t that important?  I want everyone to know the stories of certain pieces and be engaged in learning about them.

We invite you to please share your experience with us.  Tell us how you envision your ultimate antiquing experience and how we may improve our space.   We love the history behind our pieces, but we also care about our customers and do not want to create a stuffy space in which people are too intimidated to to look about.  We do not wish to stuff our booth with so many things that it seems intimidating or a daunting task to go through them.  Antiquing.  to me . is a relaxing, fun experience and we want to convey our enthusiasm to our customers.  So, please..tell us, how can we create the best space to engage you?


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