Taking Inventory

Today was a day spent on assigning item numbers and taking inventory of what we will be moving into the Heritage Square Antique Mall in the near future.  Whew!  This moving thing is much harder than I thought.  I suppose, with any start up, there is a bit of chaos..

In going through items, I was reminded as to why I wanted to be a part of such a business.  Since we only buy and sell items that we like,  we hope that others will share our love for beautiful things and items that are from the not so distant past..that is ..items that we grew up with.  So, while taking such an inventory, its a bit like taking an inventory of one self.  When you reflect upon a life well lived and all its tangible reminders, its a moving experience.  After all, once we are all gone, it is the tangible remnants of who we are that will remain.  One wonders what people will think when they find this item or that…Will they know that it contains a special container of meaning or will they simply discard it?  That is why we claim to be purveyors of memories..we hope that all who buy something from us and relate to it, will share its story with others who are near and dear to them.  One day, it will be part of their inventory.

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