Today, as I sit and type this, I am sitting in the midst of some of my favorite things..  a postcard image of my great-grandmother in a magnificent feathered hat, a number of interesting antiquated books,  a barn window that I hung on the wall and adorned with a rag wreath, Godey Girl prints, vintage handkerchiefs = pressed neatly  and framed, a beautiful, vintage purse that hangs on the wall adjacent to an old rocking chair, a crock full of walking sticks, a handmade chest, and a lovely old dairy box.  While all are not considered high end antiques, these are the things that I love looking at most and give me the greatest pleasure.  They each carry a story of a past age, but are now also part of my own story.  What are the things that you surround yourself with?  What is your story?au

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