The People That You Meet

Is there any better way than to spend the day driving through Picturesque Fairfield County, Ohio?  The corn is starting to change from green to a pale tan, which tells us that harvest is just around the corner, but if you have never seen the sun illuminate the tassels atop an entire field of corn, you simply have not lived.  Its dainty, beautiful, and just another one of the simple things that make one smile.  The other, of course, are the many new friends and people that we are meeting along the way to starting our business.  Today, we went to pick up two beautiful, primitive cheese crocks from a collector who simply had too many.  Upon arrival, I saw that she had a parking meter lamp in her garage.  After a chat, she explained that it too was for sale.  Of course, we bought it..Who else has a parking meter for a lamp I ask you?  When you simply let go of the wheel and let serendipity drive..amazing things happen.  We ended up perhaps purchasing some wonderful other items from them.  All because we went to buy a crock.  It is the people that you meet along the way that make life interesting   We are enjoying this journey and learning new stories and meeting new people.  In the end, it is friendship that is the most treasured relic of all.

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