Along the Way

Life is indeed a journey and during our little pilgrimage, we are meeting new and interesting people who not only share our interest in antiques and  collectibles, but who also share their knowledge and friendship with us.  Today was no different. Earlier, we met a gentleman who was in the process of selling off items that had belonged to his mother who had owned an antique store in NY.  We were invited to go through the rest of her belongings on Sunday and what a joy that will be! He spoke of his mother and her keen eye for antiques and some of the knowledge that she had passed on to him and that he had passed on to us.

In our travels, we met up with another gentleman who buys storage units and sells their contents for a living.  He was excited to tell us of all the interesting things that he found.   As we looked through the seemingly countless items that he had on hand,  it became apparent that antique lovers are always on a quest to find that one gem.  Odd thing is that we are not even sure what it will be or if we will ever find is the journey , its  many stories,  and its those little tangible remnants of yesteryear that keep us going.

In both places, we not only shared stories of the past, traditions, tales about family, but also made friendships along the way.

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