The Artful Images of Books

Everyone loves a riveting book!   They have the ability to entertain, teach, and expose us to places and things that we would otherwise never experience.  Books are simply divine for the soul.

Recently,  I was looking through some vintage books and I was amazed at not only the lovely covers  and now fascinating, antiquated content,  but the artful iconography that appeared within the numerous pages.  Aside from the deep. rich imagery, there were  amazingly detailed engravings  and graphic diagrams.  It was all so fascinating that I couldn’t help but wonder why it was that such beauty no longer seems to exist.  Perhaps, it is due to modern technology and the vast amount of information that we are able to receive on a daily basis?  I do not know about you..but I would much rather have quality than quantity.  I also cannot help but wonder in which ways our intimations will become limited in futures generations without books

Here, at Holliday’s Vintage Emporium, we have books for the young and old..Please take the time to read to a child as it is one of the best memories that you can create!

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