Calling all homeschoolers and young readers!

One of the best things about our business is that we never know what is going to walk through that door.  Yesterday, it was some vintage books and reading material.  How lucky is that?  Regardless if you or your child is just learning to read at school or at home, these books are perfect!

We have a brand new set of The Complete National Geographic on CD room ( think of the reports your children could compose with those)! That sells for ten dollars!  Never used, brand new.

We also have one that teaches your children about diversity it is called the OKAY BOOK..which I think is amazing if you want to teach your kids that everyone is different and it is “okay”  That book sells for four dollars


I have a book of Pretty Princess Poems, it is a Disney book and it sells for jyt four dollars..It is padded, has gilded pages and padded cover.  This book is highly collectible and sells for 6.

A Magic Coloring Book 4.00.  The book requires no crayons and is erasable.  Think about that book on long trips!  And one of the cutest is OH my oh my dinosaurs!  This book is super cute and cheerful.

Emma’s Pet is a book about a bear and her pet butterfly 4

Bones and the Dog Gone Mysetery, a scholastic book, level 2,  4.

4 Level 1 McGraw Hill Readers: Show and Tell, County Fair,Camping Out, and Playing Ball , footprints in the Snow .All Five for 15.

Finally, Four of the Cutest Books EVER!  20 takes all four of these collectible Disney books and they are as follows:

Cinderella’s Good Manners

Snow Whitte Makes A Change

Ariel Learns A Lesson

Jasmine’s Gift








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