Abandoned Spaces

Today, we revisited the old house that we picked a week ago as we were told the dumpsters  arrive Monday.  As I walked about, I thought about the people whose lives were now just the sum total of a few random objects waiting to be discarded as if they never existed.  I looked at the magnificent bed of flowers along the man made stone sidewalk in which the old stones now moved as one stepped on them..Perhaps, one more reminder that nothing ever really stays the same and in the end…Mother Nature always wins.  I paused to remove an old grape vine wreath still hanging adjacent to the back porch and thought …I will give it a new life.

The old barn was still full of children’s books, 1950s photography magazines and letters home from Korea.  They so far have not included pin up girls, but mostly concerns about church and the weather in Ohio.  They were simply a wholesome family.  I do wonder sometimes…what things will remain after I am gone?

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