Repurpose, Reuse, Retain?

Currently, one of the hottest trends is to find objects and re-purpose them.  While I too have done this, there are some implications for doing this….Most importantly, sometimes you lose the original integrity of the vintage object.  I am all for reusing items in nontraditional ways..I think its a cool concept, but the purist in me is conflicted.  What if we could find an object to up-cycle yet retain its original integrity?  In this article, I will attempt to show you how to do just that…

First, find an object that you like the size, shape, and look of.  It could be anything from an old wood-plane, a saw, old desk drawer, etc.  My rule of thumb is now not to pick up anything that I cannot use in three different ways and keep original.  For example, I recently saw that someone had utilized an old bow saw to hang floral baskets from.  They simply stuck the saw into the ground and hung their basket.  It was smart looking and added interest to their yard while it maintained its original form.  You may want to take that in another direction and hang it on an old fence in the yard..along side some fairy light lanterns, it would add a bit of rusticity. You could also bring it indoors and use as wall hanging or even a pot rack.  You get the idea..

Once you adapt the three uses methodology, you will not only be able to change up items that you already own, but use them in new and interesting ways.  It is not only a money saver, but an antique saver as well.

What are some of the objects that you have repurposed?  Are there any that you are looking for?  Let us know at Holliday’s Vintage Emporium..We would love to hear from you!

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