The Defined Differences Between Antiques, Collectibles, and Vintage Items.

Its interesting in today’s society what we deem to be collectible and what we do not, but according to Kovels, who are the definitive experts in the matter the terms are defined as the following:

Antique –  The US Customs Department defines the word as something being one hundred years old, but in 1993, the definition broadened to state that if the character of the piece has been altered or restored more than half, it is no lonImage result for cinderella pitcherger considered an antique.  This addition comes to us from the United States US Customs Modernization Act of 1993.  A widely accepted definition of antiques to many dealers is an object of significance that is at least fifty years old. 

EXAMPLE – Antique Cinderalla Pitcher from the inventory of Holliday’s Vintage Emporium.  This pitcher is over one hundred years old.  It is a 1907 Buffalo Pitcher.



Collectible –    Kovels define collectibles as being less than one hundred years old and have significant value, but here is where the arguments will begin and the fisticuffs will fly.. Items that are not specifically manufactured to be collectibles are collectible. For example, one may have a collection of vintage kitchen utensils or glassware. ome items are manufactured to be collected and is assigned some arbitraryImage result for longaberger 2004 deck the halls basketry value by manufacturers and retailers to increase sales.   However, some of these items have been desired enough to become collectibles.  Longaberger baskets are a prime example.  EXAMPLE This basket, is a 2004 collectible, Longaberger Christmas Basket from Holliday’s Vintage Emporium’s archive illustrates a collectible as something deemed collectible for being less than one hundred years old and it also denotes something manufactured especially to be a collectible. 



Vintage – Is a safe and neutral term to describe anything of a certain age.  For example, a bottle of wine can be Vintage 1975 or it could be used to describe linens of the 1940s. We could even describe VHS tapes as vintage.  In this world of obsolescence, vintage could mean a style or object that is no longer in vogue.  We use the term to describe anything of age that is not commonly sold in new establishments.  Such as a pair of old lace curtains or even a WWII bomber jacket.Image result for vintage white 1950s cap hat with net

EXAMPLE – A 1950s hat, which is less than one hundred years old can be considered to be a vintage item.



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