What really matters….

Today, we went on a pick through an old farm-house which had been lived in for many generations.  Its woodwork, vintage  built ins, and sturdy front porch all oozed with character.  As I began to look through the various lose fragments laying about,  it all came quite clear..this was more than a few letters, old books, and photographs..these were all the tangible remains of a family.    The very photographs that I was holding in my hand were once cherished by someone.  Now, they were just shewn about and abandoned.  I heard someone say, ” Oh, the family does not want those things.”   As I sifted through old scrapbooks,  I felt as if I was starting to get a feel for who they were and what was important to them.  For example, there were many religious items..They were Methodists by faith and even an old newsletter was clinging to the old Underwood typewriter.  They were God-fearing people, but they also loved music, art,  cooking, and travel.  I started to think…when the time comes, what will people think of me based on my scattered belongings?  What conclusions will they come to about me?  Will they know that I love old pictures,  music, stories, etc.?  Will they think that I was a kind person or a person who was cruel?  It’s a lot to think about..My mother always says that one collects and displays what they want others to know about them.  What a true statement.  What do you collect?  What do you think that it communicates about you as a person?  Please share your thoughts..

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