How to Clean Porcelain Figurines

We all have purchased items, sat them upon the shelf and forgotten about them for a few months.  When we revisit them, there is about an inch of dust and grime on them.  What to do?  Firstly, do not use bleach or harsh cleaners on antiquated porcelain.  Begin by dusting off the figurine the best that you can and even using a small, soft brush to really get into the nooks and crannies.  Once that step has been accomplished, it is time for some deep cleaning…Always use warm, soapy tap water to clean figurines and avoid using harsh materials. Lightly clean the object and pat it dry.  Never rub delicate figurines, but gently pat dry and allow the figures to air dry.  This is true with any sort of porcelain or ceramic with age.  Always take the less invasive route and your items will last.




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