Cherished Old Things


We first began our little business as lovers of all things vintage and decided that it could perhaps be that we are not the only two who prize articles of the past for their elegance and their fine craftsmanship. So, with a little bit of money and much desire,  Holliday’s Vintage Emporium came to fruition!  It has been so much fun finding and pairing our customers with items that they enjoy.

Once, when prompted, famed artist, Andy Warhol stated that the reason that he chose to paint ordinary items was that he felt that it gave people back something that they didn’t really know that they were missing.  The same can be said about our business..We love it when people find things that connect them to a particular place and time.  It can be simple or elaborate to become  a treasure.  For example, my most prized possession is a bowl from my childhood.  It is a simple Hull bowl and I cannot tell you how giddy I become when I see other pieces that match.  I didn’t know it was a set!  It was probably bought prior to the Depression for a few cents, but I wouldn’t take one million dollars for it. What items can we find to delight you?

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